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The Territory

The Maremma has an ancient and difficult history. A land that was clawed back from marshes and from malaria, a land of immigration.
Today, it’s a land covered in cultivated fields, in woodland, scattered with little mediaeval towns that are still intact. Capalbio is a splendid example.
Tourism, the principle activity other than agriculture, finds here a clean sea and spacious beaches, protected by dunes and Mediterranean scrublands.
In a radius of 30-35 km you can visit historical and archeological sites retracing the presence of humans in these lands from the Etruscans to the Romans, the Aldobrandeschi, the  Orsini, the  Medici, the  Lorena.
Ancient towns like Pitigliano, Sovana, Sorano, Scansano are a 30-40 minute drive away.  Saturnia, with its sulphurous waters, naturally heated to 37°, offers the possibility of a thermal bath in all seasons.
Nature, present everywhere in the landscape,  preserves its most particular characteristics in the parks and natural reserves, such as the Parco dell’Uccellina, the Diaccia Botrona, the Oasis of Orbetello  and Lake Burano which are managed by the WWF.
And to feel truly immersed in a magic world of fantasy, a visit the Tarot Garden, is an unmissable experience!
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