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The Business

Who we are
Il Cerchio is an organic, family-run farm.
Our 9 hectares are divided between a vineyard, an olive grove, a small reforestation area, and a little arable land given over in part to pasture for the now old but happy horse – the only one we have left.  

The choice of organic methods of production was made from the very birth of the enterprise in 1988, in the conviction that respect for the environment and for the health of consumer and producer are fundamental concepts on which to build and to give a future not only to agriculture but to the entire ecosystem.
The fertilisers used are completely organic and, depending on agronomic needs, substituted by green manure.
The vine protection treatments are mostly carried out using copper and sulphur, pest control is entirely mechanical.  

The vineyard, currently about 3 hectares, planted between 2000 and 2005, has a slight exposure to the south-west and east/west oriented rows. It includes the Ansonica, Vermentino, Sangiovese and Alicante varieties, with a low density of plantation and single-guyot vine training with 6-8 buds. The subsequent early selection of clusters allows us to limit the production of grapes per cane and so to obtain a higher concentration and quality.
A new vineyard of 2 hectares, planted in 2014/2015 winter time,contains  Sangiovese and Alicante , and plus Ciliegiolo and Pugnitello.
The olive-grove, about 1 hectare and a half, with trees between 30 and 6 years old, includes cultivar as Frantoio, Leccino, Moraiolo and Pendolino, the best pollinator.
The grape harvest is carried out manually, only when optimum maturity is reached. The grapes are collected in small boxes and immediately moved to the winery to eliminate possible damage to clusters.
The vinification is traditional, with a long maceration for the red, while the white is produced at a controlled temperature.
Olive picking is performed manually at the start of maturation and the olives are taken to the olive press within a very short time so that acidity is kept at a very low level.
We produce extra-virgin olive oil and four wines: a white, Ansonica Costa dell’Argentario, two red, Valmarina Sangiovese and Tinto Alicante, and Dolce A. Ansonica Passito.
We broadened during the years our structures and our range of wines, but we still have so many projects that we want to realize. Little by little, just as little by little we have grown in our experience and in our love of this work.
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