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Our History

Who we are
We lived in Milan, Corinna, Valentino and our son Beniamino. We had an architecture and town planning consultancy and for many years had spent our holidays in the Maremma, tourists like so many others.

Then in 1988, with the idea of preparing a “haven” for our retirement, we bought the farm.We longed for green fields, for fresh air and open spaces.
But if you wanted something like that, in this kind of place, you had to buy land along with the house. Under the terms of the Agrarian Reform, farms couldn’t be broken up. We found one that, over the years, had maintained its original character. It hadn’t been converted to a “villetta”.
It had remained a simple but dignified farmhouse.
However, there were also almost 9 hectares of land, with a small vineyard, a few olive trees, and a whole lot of arable land.
What could we do? We certainly couldn’t let it all be taken over by weeds and scrub.
So, Corinna started to shuttle back and forth between Milan and Capalbio, following with the farming timetable, helped by an old but very efficient local farmer.
And in 4 years, traveling up and down the peninsula, she started to love this work; work that’s certainly tough but that brings enormous satisfaction.
From there, the next step was easy, almost logical.
In 1992, we packed up bags and baggage and moved.
Our son moved from elementary to middle school, and all of us moved from the mists of Milan to the sun of the Maremma
Today, so many things have changed and grown, starting with our son who, after his university years in his native city, has chosen to work on the farm, obviously to the great satisfaction of mum and dad who said to themselves: we made the right choice!
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